Hi new to this app and just looking for comfort and I’m open to some advice if anyone has any basically just got out of hospital and I’m just struggling keeping on top of my medication but I’ve recently started with a dexacom and I’m going to really try to take this into my own hands and not let it get to me

Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

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  • Pinkblossom2020


    That's the spirit! Just remember with any illness comes ups and downs. It's not a reflection on you because even people with the strictest of carb control and monitoring have struggles. As long as you try your best and still give yourself room to make mistakes and treat yourself once and awhile, that's the most important thing. I wish people would've been clearer with me that it's okay not to always be in the perfect range, because it's just how this illness works. Anyway, good luck. It might not seem it right now but your gonna do just fine. 👍

    • Kizzygee533


      thank you means a lot that’s y I got this app just to be motivated and understand that I’m not alone ☺️

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