I’ve been seeing my partner for about a year and a half now, and I have realized that he is definitely also on the spectrum.

He struggles a lot with the exact same symptoms I do, and he has been really unhappy in his college classes despite being so successful.

I’ve been trying to convince him to get diagnosed to get access to treatment options, but he says he doesn’t need them. I can see he is struggling, but I can’t force him to get an appointment.

Anyone have any relationship-ADHD crossover advice?

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  • Peachess


    It can be really hard for someone to accept any diagnosis no matter what type it is. I just suggest being there for him while sharing why you’ve found only regarding your symptoms (like articles or doctors advice regarding YOUR treatment) just so he can maybe piece the things he’s experiencing to yours. It may help him realize he do need some type of treatment/medication. But I do not recommend trying to force him to get help and that usually has the opposite affect of what we’re looking for!

  • ArouraBorialice


    Convincing doesn't work, but maybe asking him to try to do something the way you do it might help, he doesn't need a diagnosis to use the home tools

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