heyo… i’ve experimented with a lot of different gender identity’s, and i think i finally need to try trans. it’s the one i’m truthfully most afraid of, but i know i need to try it out. i’m scared that if i step into she/her pronouns, i’ll never go back and im not sure my family would be okay with that.
i’ve always wished i was born as a girl, and i just wish SO BAD that i had a female body, but my one thing that keeps me thinking that maybe i’m not trans is the fact that i feel like if i 𝘏𝘢𝘥 been born in a female body, i’m not sure i still wouldn’t feel this funky dysphoria stuff. so like… idk. thoughts? also… i’d just love someone to talk to if any ones open lol

Gender Dysphoria

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  • ArtemisEden


    I’m here to talk if you every need to!

  • alienby


    Hey! Dysphoria is a real thing and it seems like you’re experiencing it. I’d advise that you don’t come out to everyone all at once. Try using those pronouns with some friends you can trust, and come out to them first. Try using them in online spaces, and experimenting with your gender presentation. I secretly tried out makeup and bought myself femme clothes for a while before I told anyone I was non-binary. Try out those labels and looks in safe spaces and see if they feel right to you!

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