I’m tired of feeling like an outcast in every friend group I have ever been a part of. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Social Anxiety

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  • Lucy_Rose


    That has happened to me in high school. I understand how you feel about that.

  • superstar


    I understand the feeling I moved in the 10th grade and through out the last couple years of high school I sat all at lunch then went to hang out with a teacher til class started

  • MaxIsWack2


    I have felt that way my whole life, it sucks. That's why I got this app to connect with people who have gone through similar experiences. ❤️

  • Kimmyw1223


    I understand the feeling. I felt that way as a kid and still as an adult. I just feel like I don’t belong

  • kxyy


    I understand this feeling so much. I’ve struggled with this ever since I was little, and it’s still occurring constantly. That’s why I got this app was so I could hopefully meet people who felt the same, and we could try to help each other.❤️

  • linzee


    That happened to me in grade school. I was hurt. I wondered why. Then as I grew, explored & learned more about me, I realized those groups of people weren't my people

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