Something close to a miracle has happened to me. I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia among a few other things. A few months ago I stumbled onto some research showing some preliminary results in how a hormone called Ghrelin can be aggravating those conditions. There were studies that talked about sudden remission in psoriasis and of fibromyalgia almost completely going away after the medical procedure known as a gastric sleeve. You know where they remove 85% of your stomach( including the parts that most produce that hormone) Yes, it’s a weight loss surgery I am aware. I happened to JUST fit into the requirements to get it done by insurance because I was TIRED of chasing after symptoms and throwing more and more pills at anything bad that happened. I wanted to treat the cause not just the symptoms. I got it done a few days ago and my life is already different. My hands and feet aren’t swollen, like my usually obviously arthritic joints are smoother. The itchy red patches of scales that were beginning to form again on the back of my head completely vanished. I was just in a shower and poked my worse fibro spot and there was barely any pain at all. The horrible waves of sharp electric stabs that usually came after the gentlest tough were gone. It just felt like someone poked me pretty hard. I actually cried for a moment it was such an extreme difference. I managed to basically bamboozle the healthcare system by convincing them I needed the surgery for weight loss (I’m a midsized girl with no health conditions that were specifically cause by weight) when my real intentions were to see what would happen. I am thrilled with the results, and I went into it telling myself it wouldn’t work at all. If I manage to keep 40% of the pain and psoriasis relieving results that happened right away I will be beyond happy. This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, and the best part is is that it was MY choice. NOT a doctor recommending I get it done.

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  • r.augustus


    WOW 🤩👏🏽 I’m so happy for you!! Take gentle care of yourself as you recover but wow, I’m amazed and inspired & I hope your symptoms continue to recede 👏🏽❤️

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