Hi, I'm a 22 year old female who happens to have severely bad depression. I do enjoy makeup, witchcraft, horror movies and astrology. Motivation is a constant fight so if I instantly don't reply don't be offended.


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  • Sage20


    I can relate

  • moonlitforest



  • Emma37


    It's so good you have such a long list of things you enjoy. In my worst times I didn't enjoy anything. I find it very helpful to dedicate some time in our daily life for those enjoyable things. Therefore no matter how bad your day was at least you enjoyed something, even the smallest thing like reading your horoscope for today. Good luck🙏

  • roosterwitch


    Hi I have depression as well, but most importantly I just started witchcraft. I would love to get your advice.

  • Waterlemon


    i struggle with depression too, but hobbies are amazing! i cant say i have a list quite as long as yours but i enjoy geology and crystals and that stuff. less on the witchcraft side but rocks make me happy so i’ve accumulated a couple of friends who are into witchcraft. seems like it could be very healing and helpful!

  • sillysloth111


    i have depression also… and i love makeup! have you ever tried finding really cool makeup looks and attempting to recreate them?? that’s really fun for me and you might like it!!!

  • crawlycube


    I’ve recently joined a ton of Discords, FaceBook groups, Subreddits for things I enjoy doing. It’s inspiring and I always feel like I have a community who shares my interests. It keeps me social at the very least, but they can also help motivate you to watch a new movie you haven’t seen or you can update them on projects you’re working on. It gives me a reason to do the things I love.

  • LovelyDarkness


    Ooo girly, I love make up too! It was actually one of the things that helped me get out of my depression. I love all things artsy and when it comes to make up its honestly my favorite part of the day! Being able to pick and choose what colors to do and match them with my outfit. It honestly helps me feel like me. Honestly, for me having a cute outfit and an amazing make up look always makes me feel like I can take on the day! I have a very witchy/vampy look so it definitely helps me feel like the bad ass lady that I am. Ahaha

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