Lately I’ve been doing this thing (that I used to do as a kid) where I get into the bathtub, let it fill up with bubbles, then turn the shower on. It feels so nice just to lay back with the water under & let the fresh water rain down on top of me!

It’s very soothing and meditative!
I call them my shower baths 🚰🛀🏼🚿
Give it a try!

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • KingKoopa85


    I'm too tall to fit in my bath, but that sounds wonderful!

  • dandelion_flower


    My bathtub is far too small for me to take a bath anymore, but that sounds amazing. I'll keep that in mind for if I ever get a different one.

    • Jgrazia89


      I kind of stretch my legs out against the wall

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