I have Crohn’s and currently have a ton of mouth sores, which my GI believes is a flare. Anyone else have this happen? My other flares were all gut pain, so this is new.


Crohn's Disease (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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  • trish1


    Have you ever took the supplement Lysine for it? It helped me before when flaring. Ask your doc before trying it if you do

  • Pegasus21


    What is Lysine? Is it a natural supplement?

  • trish1


    Yeah, you can get the tablets at Walmart or drugstore. It’s an essential amino acid that is found in food.

  • LeeoftheSea


    Yes one thing I’ve learned after a decade with Crohns is that basically anything weird and seemingly random happening to my body is inflammatory response from disease not being fully under control. Once I broke my thumb carving a pumpkin because of the inflammation in my body.

  • Moses


    Has anyone ever experienced dry skin in connection to Crohn’s. Like Lee, I assume it’s related.

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