I've not been feeling my best lately tbh. been feeling tired all the time.

but I hope you're doing well, remember you deserve love and to be happy. you're loved and appreciated <3


acute lethargy

Malaise & Fatigue

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  • Lunarr


    I've been having a hard time the last few months with fatigue, too! It's been pretty exhausting being exhausted lol I hope your tiredness lets up soon and that things go well! Thanks for the reminder and the comradery

  • mysterygirl


    🙏💕 The fatigue is the most puzzling & punishing. Sometimes I think I'm just scared of the world after everything I've been through & it seems an unfriendly place, at times. Working on changing that. Although, I have felt like I don't fit in most places for most of my life and that didn't zap of all my energy until 15 yrs ago. So, pain is real, but fatigue has many causes that w/o a real diagnosis I can't tell if it's partly depression but antidepressants don't help with my fatigue. I've been on just about every one. Just sharing a little about Mr that you may b able to relate to. There are lots of us who have had a normal life taken away. When we do have energy, we use it to do all the boring stuff, like clean & grocery shop. It would be great to have the energy to just go somewhere for a day trip. I think if I had someone with me, I could do it. Hope your lack of energy either goes away or you find the cause. It can throw into a funk, esp if you were a person who liked to go out shopping, eating or to go dancing/ listening to live music. I loved to dance and eat out. Never was a big shopper. You can do all that shopping from home but it can a hassle with clothing & shoes. Al the Best. Keep us posted on progress or problems

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