I'm feeling really unmotivated right now. it's always hard to motivate but this feels like I can't even muster motivation to open a phone game.
it feels like it would be worthless to play a game, like I wouldn't get anything out of it.
I've been trying hard to get a better paying job and that's meant a lot of applications. I almost got one after doing like ten. I thought the interview went well but they told me they chose someone else the next day. I know I can get there but it's so frightening that I'll just end up having to quit this job like all the others. I just want to not be so worried about money. I want that to help me to focus on feeling better like if I could just buy the food I want to instead of penny pinching and never eating the right things often enough I'd be happier right?

I just want to be somewhere stable so I could rest without feeling guilty like I'm sliding back into a pit that I'll never escape unless I give up everything that isn't essential. I'm afraid that'll just run my depression into the ground though. I know it's bad to never take a break but I know how tempting it is to let that break become my constant. I don't want to be stuck. I just want to see things actually get better. if I wasn't so stressed about money maybe I could get through some other hurdles. I could be confidant that I have something to fall back on.


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  • Christian95


    I think job struggles definitely worsens depression and the feelings of being unmotivated, but I don’t think finding a good job will automatically fix the underlying issues. As far as gaining daily confidence to do things, have you tried positive affirmations? I recently got into a stoicism podcast and that helped me feel more motivated in my daily life. As far as jobs go, have you tried a job recruiter or job placement program?

  • Roperry2377


    I know how you feel. I am doing door dash and Uber eats, because it's about the only job I could get without going through all of the stress, anxiety and grief of an interview, only to get a job, and then being stressed/anxious because bosses are constantly jumping all over me about wanting "work harder" more matter what I seem to do

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