I struggle keeping up with doing my medicine and checking my blood sugar. how do you guys do it on a daily basis? my struggle is just not wanting to do it, so I don't

Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

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  • JazziB


    Ask for a CGM … it’s good for 10 days so no daily pricks

  • Georgia.peach


    I have a Dexcom and trust me, it's a Godsend for me

  • renee85


    I had the same struggles and love love love my Dexcom. I finally have guys A1cs and am not ashamed when I visit the Endo anymore

  • 1stMayflowers


    I love my 14 day Libre! I get test strips free with my insurance, but still pay OOP for the Libre. My pharmacy has a coupon they use for me, so I'm at about $70/month. It's not exactly cheap, but checking my level is SO easy, and being able to see what's going on between scans is invaluable.

  • jackiemay


    I have the Dexcom CGM and Tandem pump close-loop system so on those 'I just don't want to take any medicine so I just don't' kind of days I can. It's not great for you but it really helps with the burn out.

  • chungledownbim


    If you're not regularly testing, try learning more about how your body feels when your blood sugars out of wack. If you can tell that you're low based on the physical symptoms, you can treat it without having to test

    • chungledownbim


      (But you should test, just to be safe)

  • daisypancakes


    It's hard. I struggled for YEARS. The ONLY thing that helped me was my cgm.

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