I’ve heard a lot of different positions on the topic of disclosure to partners. What do you think about disclosure?

Herpes Simplex

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  • HoneybeeBunny


    I think its important to be open and honest with all partners. Now how soon you disclose is up to you but idk I find it to be emotionally manipulation to withhold it until you feel like you've gotten them to like you enough to be ok with it. I think being open and honest early on is the better choice

    • RoseChwe


      Do you think it has to be before sex?

      • HoneybeeBunny


        absolutely what's the point if exposing them and then being like oh hey btw in a few weeks you should get tested cause I have hsv

  • Strawberryfields2951


    You have to disclose before sex.

  • elohel


    It is completely necessary to disclose

  • Anamarie12


    What if you just found out about the condition coming from your past partner but you’ve been with someone new that’s on and off that have it now because of you . But you wasn’t aware before till now. Is it necessary to let them know it was because of you?

  • Rav3n_n3v3rmor3


    It's absolutely necessary to disclose before sex at least, if not and they get it from you there's chance for them to file a lawsuit against you. I know because I filed against the person who gave it to me.

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