I used to be an extremely productive and high-achieving student, I started college when I was 14 and was able to have great grades, sleep, and social life. But after my mental crisis more than a year ago and going through residential treatment through IOP for my depression/anxiety/C-PTSD/ED, I’m back in school and I feel like my bandwidth to do anything is just a fraction of what it used to be. I get so tired so easily, I don’t work as efficiently as I used to. and I feel like I’m constantly disappointing myself when I’m not able to do the things I think I can. I used to thrive in college, but now I just feel like I’m dying and drowning in stress and disappointment. And I don’t understand why I’m still being affected so much by the things I thought I’ve mostly recovered from. Am I just stuck being “regressed”?


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • QueenOfCrohns


    Ugh I’m feeling the exact same thing. I had a mental health crisis last year and ever since, school hasn’t been the same. My motivation to do just about anything has completely diminished. I don’t care anymore. I get mentally fatigued so easily. I want to be in school, but it’s mentally too much.

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