Not sure where to begin;
but do you ever feel like family friends every human being in existence , ever can relate to you?

I feel like an alien in my own life..classified as something I don’t know if it is specific I just feel so emotionally broken in eveuthing like I dang go to anyone…

Nausea and Vomiting

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  • MissAl


    ✋ That’s why apps like this one were built. We can feel soooo isolated at home when everyone around us is fine. I felt alienated and broken for so long. It’s taken me a year to accept that this is my life, my body, and while I can explain things to healthy people, they won’t fully get it. No I can’t cure it with a pill or vitamin, yes I’m always tired and nauseous, yes I eat well and exercise when I can, but I’m still weak physically. My brain does weird things, no I don’t just need more sleep. The term I’ve used most is ‘you know when you know.’ The ones that truly understand have probably walked those shoes in one way or another. Those that haven’t can absolutely still support you, but you’re basically teaching them what this looks like just by being around them because they’re new to it just like you are ❤️

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