i joined this app months ago with the high hopes that i could find people with my symptoms. people further along in their journey to answer questions that would help all my symptoms make sense. over the months i have stayed silent because the site ultimately wasnt designed for me to express my symptoms correctly. In that time I have seen posts that make me want to reach out but nothing truly fits for me... if that makes sense... ive been to numerous doctors... continue to try numerous doctors and the harder I try to fight for these people to understand me. a quiet person who after years reached her limits and became manic in explaining her symptoms. I literally question if my pyschologist is questioning whether im suffering from munchausen disease at this not.... Meanwhile my sanity aswell as my health withers away. all my tests come back clean everytime so I cant blame them. but something is very wrong and i sit idly by waiting until i see the right doctor that can explain.... if youve felt the way im feelin. been thru n e aspect of what im talkin about.. hmu. at this point hopin n e convo may help.

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  • EricaLynn


    Chidii, Just some random question. Do you work? Where do you hurt? Do you live near family or have close friends nearby? I’ll answer the above concerning myself. I am retired, I am 73, widow and considering going back to work. My back is the main pain I have. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 20 years ago. I had Epstein Barr prior to that. I don’t have family close by but I do have lots of friends. I feel like I have developed some close friends by volunteering and church. I didn’t have the time for the involvements when working.

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