Ive begun developing tics, for a while I thought they came from nowhere but im just piecing together that it’s probably ritalin. Theyre violent and embarrassing when theyre vocal and distracting to people around me when theyre motor. How do you deal with it? Is there a way to suppress it without switching meds? Ive tried a few others that completely fucked over my sleep, so i like ritalin.


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  • Sulkk3n


    I get tics sometimes too, I blame my anxiety but it doesn't always feel like that's what causes them, it's odd

  • Kendoll


    @sulkk3n i blame my anxiety a lot too, the trigger is usually thinking of something embarrassing i did, which is often. But it never happened before i was taking ritalin, at least not near the frequency it does now. Its probably a combination of both

  • punky


    Does anyone know a good online psychiatrist that will help me with my meds

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