Ever since I've moved to a different city, I've felt so alone.. people I used to be so close with seemed to just disappear.. I wish I could find someone who understands me and my medical problems. A friend who would stick with me through anything.!

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Spina Bifida (SB)


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  • I_am_broken


    I understand this feeling and I'm sorry. Every since I've moved to where I am rn, I've also felt alone. Like I never fit in anywhere. And I also wish I could find someone who understood and stuck with me!

  • Asteroidrose


    I've recently moved away from my hometown.. I moved out of my mothers house.. and left everyone. And they just.. faded. I most certainly don't "fit in"... idk.. its so hard. but if you need anything, im here.

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