Does anyone on here with mold illness also have oxalate sensitivity? I suspect it in myself. I know I have histamine intolerance but now I think I have trouble with oxalates too. Tips appreciated!

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  • Chet33


    Since detoxing i have been having a lot of allergic reactions. A cell spa foot bath my doctor told me about helps a lot

  • Meg678


    I feel like I'm allergic to everything 😥. Name it and I'm sensitive to it. Hoping to find relief.

    • Chet33


      Me too! Its terrible. A Cellspa foot bath helps me alot as well as activated charcoal pills. My doctor has me on that stuff. When I take a suppliment he has me on to take the mold out of my cells it then goes in to my blood stream. It then gets in places like my ofactory system. Some smells literally can knock me down off my feet. I clean my house like mad. Shower sometimes twice a day and always washing clothes. I super deep cleaned my bedroom. I dont go in there unless I go right in from a shower to sleep. The foot bath and charcoal help to carry it out the rest of the way. I react to bad breath. some foods can't be cooked in my house. Its either do almoat nothing else and clean or go through hell. I was fine until I started to detox and got the mold in my body moving. I should hear beck from my doctor tomorrow I am doing much better but it is still kinda crappy.

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