My tongue is still numb 16 weeks after wisdom teeth surgery. I had them removed on June 8. It took about 4 weeks or so for the tightness and swelling to go away. Initially, my lip and tongue were completely numb. The feeling came back in my lip but only the left side of my tongue. I was worried, so my surgeon told me to come in at the 9 week mark. Did some tests and it’s still numb, told my to come back in another 9 weeks and that’s is. However to this day it is still completely numb on the right side, and taste is gone aswell from that side.
???Has anyone experienced prolonged effects from oral surgery such as this? At what point should I take action?

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  • Homer


    From what I know, full sensation of the tongue is restored by six months after the surgery. You’re not there yet. However, although less likely, it might be numb due to injury of the nerve during the procedure. I would go back to your dentist in two weeks and see what he’s going to do next

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