Does anyone really get the “any attention is good attention” vibe? Like I so often will start fights on social media and just won’t censor myself because I really want to just talk on social media. Like it’s bad because it makes me angry. I know I say somethings I probably shouldn’t.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Strawberry


    Maybe you need to wait a few minutes and read your answers again before you send them. It can minimize things you shouldn't say.

  • Infinity


    Yes, for me it’s a BPD thing, although we’re (my professionals and I) are considering a histrionic personality disorder diagnosis. But anyway, this does happen. Then I get completely burnt out from arguing with people online and really frustrated, and sometimes that ends up with self-harm.

  • catlover_


    Yeah I’ll usually delete the messages after they get a response but I realize I can be pretty rude sometimes

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