Is Wellbutrin a decent medication to help with impulse control while not making the depression and anxiety worse? Are there others that work better?


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  • Dillybop


    Medicine isn’t really a one size fits all you might try different medicines before you find what works for you 💕

  • PEPhoenix


    I took Wellbutrin to help my depression and anxiety. I was having a lot side effects to SSRIs and felt it helped me. I never noticed if it helped my impulse control however. But, I feel that it's worse when my anxiety is worse. So maybe it did?

  • Josie1995


    I also took Wellbutrin but I made me have have angry outbursts and lowered my patience level with my kids... I stopped right away I'm a very patient person. It affects everyone differently. I also didn't feel like myself. Like a shell.

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