any advice on getting PIP (personal independence payment)? I have to arrange a tribunal, and I'm really daunted at the thought of arguing my case in front of a judge, especially considering I still don't have a diagnosis and they'll use that against me. I just want enough money to live on, and I'm so frustrated that I'm having to beg for it, despite the fact I'm clearly eligible :(♡

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)


Slow transit constipation

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  • WendyJoan


    I have cfs/me and claim PIP. You do not have to have a diagnosis. It is writing down how your symptoms affect your daily living and mobility. If you can show over 50% of the time is affected you will be awarded PIP. Have you started to claim yet, I can point you to some useful resources for how to fill in form. Hope you find this post helpful. X

  • sleepyspice


    Check out fightback4justice 💘 really helped me & other disabled ppl I know with getting PIP

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