hey everyone! how are you all doing today? tell me something you’re happy about right now. it can be something you’re looking forward to, something good that happened recently, something you’re grateful for, etc. it can be extremely small or big!

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  • canadaisntreal


    i’ll start: i’m going to see my sibling soon and meet their kitten for the first time because they’re coming home for a bit for thanksgiving!

  • crimsonwolf


    i finally got a job interview, im happy to be with my husband and son all the time

  • Magical24


    Excited for Thanksgiving! I get the whole week off and I'm going to try to make a realistic cake for the first time

  • jipperoni


    I’m happy about it snowing :) Granted it snows a lot in the mountains of Colorado, it still makes me feel like a child again every time I see it

  • Clockwise


    I get four days off of work this week

  • ChrysB


    I'm going to get to be with some of my family for Thanksgiving.

  • Viewfromthehammock


    thankful I’m off today!

  • Luna_Kat


    I'm thankful that I get to travel soon

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