hello everyone I was diagnosed with herpes type 2 in 2015 and it's been a HUGE struggle the last few years I noticed when ever I dont have my meds I start getting really anxious and nervous and feeling a outbreak coming on and the more I worry the worse it gets has anyone else ever experienced this same issue with hsv-2 or hsv-1

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  • cometbites


    I am not on medication for herpes because I've never had an outbreak thankfully, but I completely understand the anxiety part. I am so anxious about it all the time but if you ever need someone to talk to about it who understands you're welcome to dm me I'm happy to listen.

  • Emmalu


    My first herpes outbreak was one of the worst the doctors had ever seen. I was actually close to dying and was hospitalized for nine days with constant IVs and medication. The experience was so bad that I actually have PTSD from it. If I forget to take my meds or feel like an outbreak is coming on even if there isn’t I will have extreme anxiety and paranoia. Sometimes I lay awake all night worrying that another outbreak will come on in that will that I will end up back in the hospital. I am actually scarred from the experience.

  • Kdee


    Try not to stress cause that can also start the outbreaks. I noticed when I start getting anxiety or stressing I feel the tingling sensation like if an outbreak is going to happen. I usually get outbreaks only when I shave pubic hair and it sucks.

    • Lioness2000


      same, why do you think that is? I now get waxed.

      • Kdee


        you get waxed and get no outbreak !?

  • Kdee


    Oh I see so you’ve had it for a minute. I just found out last year after having my second child it was two months after when I got the outbreak :/ it definitely messes with your mind state .. I just started on seamoss I heard detoxes can really help a lot but it’s hard when you gotta cut down on the food lol now that time has pass you don’t get them as much as you did before then ?

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