Is anyone else finding it extremely difficult to do any physical work? Like I’ll clean the bathroom and make the bed and I’ll have to lay down for 4 hours.

Ulcerative Colitis (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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  • Shotgun_Andy


    Every time I do something physical I feel so drained! The UC definitely takes a toll on your body. It’s super frustrating.

    • Talia0985


      Agreed. I was just diagnosed with UC. I've always wondered why I would be so tired when I haven't done much or just simply went for a walk. It's the most frustrating thing ever, UC really takes a lot out of a person

  • Peppy.Pepper


    I used to almost get frustrated with myself about it! But 80% of our immune system and 70% of our serotonin production is on our our gut and our bodies are just trying to get our immune systems to stop attacking it too. Makes sense we’re immeasurably exhausted

  • CupcakeLover358


    I've always been a tired person. In high school everyone always just told me "oh you're just a teen, they are always tired." Then I was diagnosed with UC and it makes sense. Also it turns out I'm anemic which doesn't help me feeling so drained all the time.

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