I have been having shortness of breath for over a month now. I went to the ER and the Doc diagnosed me with pleurisy. I have had that before and this seems nothing like it. I have pain in upper left chest area, but my BP was fine and chest x-rays were clear. If I eat I get full right away so I don't really have an appetite anymore 😕. I am overweight but can't lose the weight. Anyone have any of these symptoms? Oh and also I did test negative for covid.


Chest pain

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  • Machelley


    Hi there, I think you still should get a ECG. I know you had chest x-rays but please let them check your heart. Don't say you can't lose weight. You can do anything you want. Try counting calories on an app like Lose it. You can eat what you want as long as you stay within the range they assign They meaning computer. It's free. I lost 15lb. I brought an air fryer. Don't wait.

    • Indiana_momma


      I had an EKG at the ER as well. They said it was fine.

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