I’m just so tired to worrying about my moms and I health 24/7. I get a small break at work (still think about it but not as much when I’m home). She randomly had these coughing spells and I think it’s lung cancer and she had a lump in breast but had mri and it’s nothing but i constantly think they missed it and it has spread. She also has these bumps (white/tan) on her leg and her face that pop up and she says it’s skin cancer but doesn’t call dr. I feel like when I move out I’ll be more relaxed but I’m scared to be on my own even tho I’m almost 21. Finally seeing a new therapist Friday so I’m excited to hopefully start feeling better.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • MissWilwarin


    If you have concerns about your own health, you should definitely get yourself checked out even if it seems small; just a way to soothe your anxiety about it. As for your mom, all you can really do is encourage her to go to the doctor and get herself checked out.

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