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  • KayyNicholee


    I like latuda! I’ve had issues in the past with others like it and this has seemed to be the best for me. The only thing that I don’t like is if I take it on an empty or almost empty stomach, I get nauseous. But if I eat something with it I’m usually fine!

  • Cham


    Latuda has been a godsend. My first antipsychotic, and no issues whatsoever except the price. Scared to lose my Medicaid and not be able to afford it anymore.

  • PinkPupButt


    its been wonderful for me! originally my psychiatrist had me on anti depression medicine and it only made everything worse and he wouldn't listen to me. it took me having a major breakdown twice, the lost one ending me up in the psych ward, for him to listen to me, it sucked but I was able to get my bipolar diagnose too. once I was on it I noticed a difference right away too! I no longer felt numbed as I had for most of my life at that point but, I had to basically re-learn my emotions and how to cope too. everything got better after that though so I'd say it was all worth it :)

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