So sometimes I have these episodes where I can't breathe. Like it feels like my chest is being squeezed or like I have something heavy sitting on my chest. It feels like I can't fill my lungs. It's not anxiety or a panic attack because I feel fine, it's just my chest. I haven't had one of these episodes in a while and this one started last night and is still going. Does anyone else experience this or know what's going on?

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  • Castro


    I just went through this for a week but I have chronic pain some my chest constantly hurts I had heart scans but my heart is healthy so but the choking sensation I have had a lot lately my doctor thinks it my anxiety I had a throat scan today so we will see Wednesday but overall I think you’ll be alright and anxiety can cause werid symptoms even if the anxiety isn’t present but if you don’t feel good about go to your doctor and get checked out and if it’s not a serious problem atleast you will have a peace of mind but I’m wishing you the best

    • royalty


      I haven't had a bunch of anxiety or a panic attack in so long though. I still have occasional anxiety attacks but it's not severe like it used to be. Anxiety chest pain and this chest pain feels different. Anxiety chest pain is accompanied by a feeling of panic in my gut, this is just where I feel like I can't take a deep breath. I'm not sure what to do or what it is 😭

      • Castro


        go to you doctor and see what’s wrong and get a piece of mind

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