how long did it take for you to get diagnosed with ADHD as a woman?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • HarbingerOfChaos


    It took me a long time to finally realize that I was struggling, but once it clicked for me it didn't take long to get a diagnosis. That being said, after calling several different doctors in my area - none that would I would be able to see for several months - I found an online diagnostic website. It was the same kinds of questions that you would be asked in clinic, but I made the most of the open ended questions since I wasn't in person and they couldn't see my fidgeting etc that they would get in person. I got my results within a week and then immediately turned around to set an appointment with the appropriate doctor at the clinic I go to.

  • Untitled.exe


    Not a woman, but am afab. Was diagnosed when I was 11. I am from a country with universal healthcare and also went to a school with very small class sizes, so it was easy for the teachers to see, especially the drop in marks from year 1 to year 3 and my fidget-y-ness. Was just over a year before starting to get all the testing and the diagnosis. I know I'm very lucky for this (even though I wasn't really informed about having ADHD and my parents didn't do anything about it until I just couldn't anymore in 9th grade)

  • Elisa


    I had to push my parents to get me tested when I was 15. Finally got diagnosed summer after my freshman year. Going through all that medication Rollercoaster trying to find the right one and trying to do super hard classes was not fun.

  • Sleepysleeps


    22 years, lol. Got diagnosed on accident while trying to get antidepressants.

  • decro


    19 years and counting. I have several friends with ADHD and they have pushed me to get evaluated. Now to just... 1. Find someone I can afford 2. Make sure that person is either licensed in both states I live in or has a referral for the other state that is willing to work with them 3. Play the waiting game to get seen Easy, right?

  • june


    i had the same adhd symptoms many boys have so i got diagnosed when i was in kindergarten, it also helped that my mom was an lvn (nurse) at the time

  • Flameoffire113


    I was 10 when I was diagnosed but then 3 years later found out I was on the autism spectrum

  • Jlkmcp


    Until I was 22 yrs old, barely made it through college & lost my second job in 2 wks. I also was diagnosed with anxiety that same day and I came out to my parents….it was a rough day overall!!

  • Ella


    I was diagnosed at age 29. It took a looong time.

  • cupcake


    Pretty quick. I was 12, but it was my first psychiatrist appt when I was diagnosed

  • speechiekeen


    My parents took me when I was a in high school but they said I was too academically successful for that to be the case 🙄 Luckily a psychiatrist I found when I was in college diagnosed it and anxiety too

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