What mold detox protocol have you tried? What has worked the best? The protocol that I tried made me feel run down and sick - is that typical or something to worry about?

Contact with and exposure to mold

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  • Meg678


    Check out Toxic by Dr Neil Nathan!!

  • Chet33


    My doctor out me on Duo Detox by Inwell. That pulls the mold out of my cells. I then take a charcoal pill and a cellspa foot bath to bind and pull the mold out. It can be intense at first. I would do it under a doctors direction. It got so much mold mobing out of me it was hard. I had to cut back on my detoxer doses and up my foot baths and charcoal pills. I can now handle a faint wiff of say slightlt over cooked dinner and not collapse into a seizure. Mold toxicity is no joke. You need to get that out of your body.

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