Whenever I skip a day or two of zoloft and go back on it i feel horrible, I know i’m not supposed to skip but still. Does anyone else feel empty, extremely tired, or get headaches when they skip?

Irritability and Anger





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  • Startledmayo


    I get extremely overwhelmed feelings and I get irritated quite a bit. I ask my S.O to help me take them, it takes having an alarm set, having it in a easy open container so I don’t have to fumble with it. And it helps me take them everyday because I feel like crap when I miss days

  • variegatedheart


    i get brain zaps if i skip for more than two days, it’s awful. i can relate to the tiredness as well. can you pin point a reason why you’re skipping?

  • zone


    I often get brain zaps and am more prone to anxiety in the morning, plus anxiety attacks D:

  • haileh


    i get a super woozy body feeling and lightheaded ness. and i’m usually more angry or irritable. i set a real loud alarm so i remember before bed.

  • PeanutBear


    Not on Zoloft, but Prozac. I do my best not to miss any days because, like you said, we’re not supposed to skip. If I do miss, on the day I miss I will mostly feel okay except for a really bad headache. The next day (when I take my meds on time again) I get very moody and anxious. Recently I missed a few days because of a miscommunication with the pharmacy about refilling and each new day was a different set of symptoms. Mostly it was headaches and mood swings, but I also had a panic attack for the first time in ages. I’m close to 4 years on Prozac and the most important thing for keeping me stable has been taking my meds consistently. If you struggle to stay consistent then setting alarms/reminders or having friends/family remind you is super helpful.

  • ferngully


    i am so inconsistent with my meds. i take 200 mg zoloft and missing it for a day or two puts me in a fatigue/depression

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