I feel guilty for how tired I am. I can barely keep my eyes open but I know that I should be coping better :(


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  • rjd2018


    But whatever you are going thru, nobody can tell you how to cope. We all cope and grieve in different ways and lengths of time.

  • KhronicKoder


    You cope as well as you can, I'm sure. Don't focus on what you "should be" doing and focus on what you "are" doing. Be proud of that no matter how little it may be. Don't be hard on yourself ☺️ My messages are open if you ever need to reach out 💕

  • JingleP


    You’re doing great! I know you want to be coping better, but you and your body are doing what you gotta do. Plenty of people are coping “better” and “worse” than you. But you’re allowed to feel okay with where you’re at right now. You got this!

  • LynnKenzie


    I can relate but we are doing our best and that is good enough. Hugs 🫂

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