If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do with yourself everyday?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Doglover25006


    Hot stone massage and acupuncture

  • Kai8946


    Massage, manicure and pedicure, eat out.

  • tworth


    I'd quit my job as I'm alone 12 hours a day makes my depression so much worse

  • sun_flowerchild


    Travel, buy art, go to fancy restaurants, start an animal rescue/nonprofit, buy a ton of land and rescue cows/pigs/chickens/and goats to raise. I imagine wearing a cute bohemian farmer outfit and bottle feeding my calfs. Hahaha. A mix between luxury life and giving back.

  • Rosie_Posey


    I’d make art professionally

  • Flapjackies


    I’d quit my job, get a dog, and travel

  • Davidstrains96


    Go see trains everyday and ride them

  • aminal


    Travel and experience everything my Nonna wanted me to

  • Mellow


    I’d retire and take so many classes to learn random things that interest me! Lol

  • Annie_0000


    The beach, massages, and lots of snacks.

  • Emo_Enby_99


    I'd get myself hormones and treatment. Make music and spoil my pets. Travel the world in first class, and just overall enjoy my life rather than working and living paycheck to paycheck

  • Invisible


    Get a pet, healthy food and supplements, and the dental and medical care I need. Fix all that is falling apart at my house and get a new car. Basically necessities I can not afford since I became chronically ill.

  • jessia6


    quit (intense) school and take better care of my body

  • MissKayy


    Get a massage, fix up my house, and make more jewelry

  • Vict.xx


    definitely would buy stuff for hobbies i’ve always wanted to do and take a roadtrip

  • mess


    self care.. like get my hair done nails done eat out get lashes done probably get some piercings and tattoos lol! just things that make me feel good

  • Greeneyedshedevil


    Hire help to keep my house clean. It’s falling apart around me and the most I can do is watch it happen.

  • rainbow.moon.beam


    Try and stop and smell the roses, travel, devote my time to taking care and spending time with the people i love and care about. Do more things with the intention of enjoyment rather than necessity. Spend as much time as i can with my old pupper. Devote more time to furthering my education, try and give back to my community in a more active manner. Just try and be the well rounded person I want to be without the constraint of time for working or need for money.

  • insulinaddict4life


    Travel the world visiting friends and family (have a lot that are abroad) 🤗

  • Zerrow


    Id want to spend more time in the country up north where my kids can play and im able to enjoy and join them.

  • savingalexis


    Stay at home house wife with my cats. Do my normal life with maybe a trip to a supermarket once a week for fun. Groceries and something for myself. No money stress makes life better. Don't need fancy riches. Just the simple life.

  • Cwabs


    I would become a travel agent! I love planning vacations as a hobby (I have yet to go on one) and would love to see it add some life to peoples lives.

  • BrainFog


    Take much better care of myself for starters… and not take any bullshit.

  • Cinnamon


    Isn’t this how humans are supposed to experiencing life? I love how simple and fulfilling everyone’s answers are. Everyone these days is so burnt out :(

  • Refreshing_melon


    I just recently stopped doing stuff like this lol I got a new job, but what I USED to do was, sleep 12-16 hours, take a long bath, watch Korean dramas, go grocery shopping with an actual list and spend a good amount of time looking around at everything at the store, sometimes I’d go get my nails done, sometimes I’d take my dad out to lunch. LOTS OF AMAZON SHOPPING 😅😅😅 playing animal crossing, or playing around in VR chat on the oculus. Sometimes I’d go plan out a really sweet date night to surprise my bf when he got home, so I’d go to the store and get flowers for him and his favorite candy and food. You’d be surprised, when money and time weren’t an issue, I actually never really wanted to do anything, because half the fun of doing stuff like that is planning to do it, and knowing you can’t just get it done any old day. If that makes sense. I actually found it more enjoyable to go and do something when there is a time and money limit, if I had no time or money restrictions, well, frankly nothing would ever really get done 🤣

  • em_thriving


    Go on a cruise 😜

  • _Basil


    I would stay home

  • Livinglife863803


    Move to South Carolina have a big house with a big yard a dog walk around and be happy enjoy every day like it was my last

  • krosebee


    Buy a house and fertility treatments ❤️

  • cenny47


    I'd set myself up off grid a bit...stay alone

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