so, i was honest with two people that had invited me over for dinner for Christmas. But immediately after being brave enough to be honest about my symptoms with people I thought I could trust, they both kinda quickly cancelled plans on me. It's hard enough for me to trust due to my trauma history, my paranoia, etc, but did I cause them to cancel on me by being honest that I sometimes see things and hear things under high stress? One of my to "friends" really tried to gaslight me and basically made me feel like I was super "crazy". Did I do something wrong by taking a step back from those two for the safety of my self esteem and mental health? (yea, I always second guess and blame myself for everything that goes "wrong" or "bad").


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  • JaebaeB04


    No you didn’t do anything wrong by cutting them off or taking a step back because for one your mental health self esteem and everything else that has to do with you will always come first and two they we’re friends with you when they didn’t know the fact that you see hear or feel some thing’s doesn’t change anything about you and they’re dumb enough try and gaslight you or tear you down at all for it you don’t need them around

  • moonwxtcher


    you didn’t do anything wrong, I promise!!! i’m so sorry you weren’t met with kindness, I hope you find new people that treat you respectfully ;-; <3

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