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does anyone else have this feeling of like being absolutely terrified of the world of humans like having a cynical view on the world specifically men.. and how it feels like the only thing they want is sex? the world is so so so scary and it justifies why i want to kill myself right? i want to die because i do not want to live in this world no longer i don’t want to live in fear.


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  • fallenforthesky


    I have similar thoughts but I think it about everyone not just everyone, thinking about like how they could hurt me or kidnap me or kill me, I have a fear of dying by someone else, like death doesn't scare me if I'm the one killing myself. But yes I also do not want to live in this world and I'm also tired of living in fear, but alas I have no help to give because I'm still struggling with trying too figure it out

  • Elliss


    I used to feel the same way, but I promise you generalizing men will not make you feel better. I had to put myself out there to trust men more, because all my life I've been taught to fear being alone on the street at night or otherwise. Men have power, whether they admit to it or not. But as a women it's up to you whether you do anything, consent is crucial and if a man doesn't understand that then he doesn't deserve you or deserve your time; and yes I mean male friends too. I hope I was able to help!

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