Is there anyone I can talk to?

I can't tell professionals I'm still suicidal because they'll just send me to the mental hospital again.
I can't tell my parents because they'll just ask me to explain absolutely everything.
I can't tell my friends because they already know and they've done their best to help and I don't wanna burden them anymore.
I can't call a hotline because I'm "high risk" and they'll call the cops on me.

I just need to talk to someone, someone who won't feel burdened by me, someone who won't call the cops on me.


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  • laceyandme


    Im here

  • LaLaLa


    You can talk to me

  • carter._.16


    You can always talk to me! My cousin was in a similar situation at one point, so I totally understand why you feel like you can't go to anyone <3

  • bambipony


    I'm here to talk if you want, I don't judge 👍

  • Metal


    I can talk as well 😌

  • Duckyqueen123


    Hey☺️ I'm here for you☺️

  • dodge


    same i’m here

  • Roperry2377


    I'm here if you need someone

  • Kyky1001


    I’m here if you ever need to talk, I completely understand what you’re going through and I don’t judge 😊

  • Mik16


    I understand you feel stuck, I have experienced similar, but seeking medical help is best. I know you may not see it now, but things will get better I promise.

  • Bex854


    😥I've been in this same position too many times. I'm a great listening ear and sometimes have good advice 🤗 Reach out if you'd like.

  • Elianah


    I'm here

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