I have self destructive tendencies. I not on any meds. I don't know if I should be due the side effects I've heard about. talking to a therapist does very little. I'm very alone in life. I live in a small town that I hate.

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  • ChrisF82


    😥 keep it head held high life will get better in promise i takes alot of time and patience

  • Doggy


    You can always go on meds and then go back off them if the side-effects are intolerable. Avoid aderall though, it's bad for bp.

  • moodybitch


    If you do go on meds, take someone else's experience with a grain of salt. All of our bodies and brains are different. The meds that ruined me have held others so much and vice versa. I've also found that meds are the right thing for me, however many individuals do best off meds. It's honestly just trial and error, a little experiment till you come to a conclusion. It's scary sometimes but I've found my journey with meds to be mostly worth it. Communicate with your doctor. They are there to listen and find a course of treatment that works best for you. For me, that means little to no side effects and a decrease in symptom severity. We aim for tolerating my symptoms rather than eliminating them because, as you probably know, it's not a curable disorder. My self-destructive tendencies are worst when I'm depressed because I lose all care for my own life. I've found that my friends are a constant reminder to choose recovery. You can find this in pets, too, or simply write reminders for yourself. I also made one of my bedroom walls a "self-help wall" with emotional regulation tips, affirmations, etc. There's no missing it because it's right there in front of my bed. Papers with bold writing, I can't exactly ignore it 😅 I also live in a small town that I absolutely despise. I'm in college now so I don't have to see people I went to school with/know but I do still live there. I drive to classes everyday. I was lucky to find a good therapist immediately and I've found that it's only been helpful if I let myself let go in there. I'm very open with my therapist but she also lets me joke about my trauma and feelings to make the air lighter. It's also something to remind me to choose recovery and to get crap off my chest. Of course, therapy isn't for everyone and I'm so sorry that it hasn't helped you. I'm here if you need me ❤️

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