So I know autism is a spectrum and each of its traits are also a spectrum, but does anyone find that their autistic spectrum shifts depending on the day? Like one day lights and sounds don't bother you, but the next day they bother you so much it makes you cry. Or one day you'll be nonverbal but the next day you'll be so hyperverbal that you can't stop talking all day to anyone. I'm interested to hear from everyone!

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • opossum_my_possum


    oh absolutely, i have days where i feel almost "" normal "" and days where i feel like i can't talk

  • Jadie


    Yeah and I think the change for me is just natural movement on different spectrums. My bodys response to things can change drastically depending on how stressed I am or if Im masking. Masking makes things more painful. I also have hyperacusis and with that some days its not bad but the next day there is a certain noise that triggers oversensitivity and suddenly everything hurts. And if my hearing isnt properly stimulated to what it needs it sets the entire day off. Weird little things that makes a difference.

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Definitely! My traits fluctuate almost daily depending on stress, plans/routine, who I’m going to be around (not just masking), and if I get to do something with a special interest. And how much I stim. It’s quite complex.

  • crazy_diamond


    Absolutely. I'm consistent in my inconsistency.

  • TreePerson



  • journey100


    yes! i didn’t know others felt this way

  • DutchJack


    Yup, I have the same. It's annoying as hell

  • Oovoojaver0306


    Yes! Me too, some days I’m more “moderate” some days I’m more mild. I’ll be a social butterfly or I’ll hide at home

  • cryptic


    literally every day is different for me! most of my issues are sensory. some days i can't even touch a couch, shirt, counter or even a dog!

  • Jonesy


    I know what you mean!! It’s how many “spoons” you have! Each spoon represents a task or an amount of energy but each day has a different amount of tasks! I once focused for a whole week, and at the end I had sensory overload. I forced all the spoons into a single instance on 5 consecutive days!

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