the way i had so many symptoms and just thought it was normal and i was just dramatic…….

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  • 100Percent_K


    Ikr.. I even had a doctor tell me I was throwing up to be dramatic when I was in my early teens. A lot of people unfortunately are uneducated and should be getting much more education than they are

  • History.and.cats


    I have had so many things like that. Or that I thought everyone found some things uncomfortable but I simply couldn't handle the issues as well

  • mack7315


    i’ve done the same with a lot of symptoms i have and i have no idea if some of them are considered normal or not. sometimes if i tell someone something i endure, they’re shocked cause it apparently isn’t normal for our bodies

  • wildhoney


    me too. it definitely doesn’t help when everyone around you dismisses your symptoms as well. it took be quite a bit of time to let all of that go and accept that my pain was valid

  • ArsonFire


    Same, realizing it wasnt normal was validating to me that my pain was real and I wasnt just being a baby, that I was suffering. I just wish others didnt invalidate it

  • BonnBonn


    I relate to this

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