Hi, I’m brand new on the app. I’m 17 years old, from Washington state , and I’ve just really been looking for ppl to connect with! I struggle with severe anxiety (all ways have even at a very young age) I’m homschooled which I love but it attributes to some of my social anxiety. I’ve never taken any kind of medication and I’m not looking too. I heal through self work and through connections! Cant wait to get to know you all!


Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • olivia2628


    Hi I’m new too and 17, dm if you want to chat!!

  • Zeem


    hi im 17, and last year i had my first anxiety attack where my heart would race and i always think about dying from it or a heart attack. my heart rate would go up to 150-170. but i’ve had a ekg (heart rate test i think) and they said it came back normal. i think its due to stress and depression growing up. but i take Zantac sometimes to help and these lemon flavored drops that i suck on to get the stress out from my store sprouts. ive had 3 or 4 anxiety attacks since august of last year. i always feel my heart beat so many times a day and i find it annoying but i wont stop even though its normal anyways sorry for the long chat, ive been wanting to talk about this for a bit haha.

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