I have high cholesterol, high resting and walking heart rate, and trouble breathing with any type of movement. Does anyone have recommendations or experience with this set of symptoms? I’m not sure if I should contact a cardiologist, or another specialist? Also I had Covid two years ago, which is when the heart problems started



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  • Dhadhu


    High heart rate meaning like when you check its higher than normal or do you have that feeling of your heart racing or palpitations?...and how high of cholesterol and which cholesterol???....just wondering. Either way...the symptoms when high cholesterol is added can be heart related. But at the same time it's possible that cholesterol isn't high enough to affect you yet and the symptoms can be lungs related which is why I asked specifics. (I'm a nurse hence the detailed questions and whatnot). I mean heart rate and breathing can be due to a number of things actually even anxiety or meds even. But if you don't have any other symptoms at all and it doesn't correlate with the timings of new or changing meds and/or new or worsening illnesses....then I would recommend seeing a cardiologist like you said.

  • Maypie


    Do you have a persistent cough?

  • Rhondadawn


    Dr. Sinatra has a Ultimate Lung & Bronchial Support pill that I take. It's two soft gels once a day and my breathing has improved by 33%. I was amazed. Their phone # is 833-474-1101. I use many of their products and everything I have ordered and taken has worked phenomenally! I wish I was rich and could afford more of their products cause when I'm out and can't afford to order any that month I suffer.

  • SciaticSorrow


    Exercise will strengthen your heart. I've gotten my resting heart rate down to 45 bpm during a peak season before

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