I have been on sertraline for anxiety I really think it’s only in school because out in public and when I get comfortable I’m really out going. I’m tired of feeling nervous in class for no reason head tremors body tremors. I’m worried about what other people think because I just want to be like I am in public and join in with everyone and not be so shaky in the head at certain times I can’t even look at people. I’m considering trying a different medicine. Any one else feel like this and how do you cope?

Social Anxiety


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  • Kendoll


    Definitely. In public i could always rationalize, ill never see any of these people again, theyll never see me again, theyll forget u exist as soon as they look away. School is different and honestly kindof a social slaughterhouse. I was on anxiety meds for a while and they helped my anxiety in public before they helped it at school. I actually ended up dropping out because the school stuff was so bad. I was definitely a target for bullies and medication wasnt gonna help that. If youre not actively being picked on, its unlikely at school that people are thinking about you. Much more likely they’re thinking about themselves being embarrassing or what other people think of them. If you are actively being picked on, find their mom on facebook.

  • Tomato


    I take sertaline and when I started taking it I barely felt any different. After my doctor raised my dose twice I started to feel a lot better. For how long have you been taking it?

  • CottonCandybean


    Since 7th grade I’m now in 11th

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