How's everyone doing? :) (feel free to vent)


acute lethargy

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  • Lillith12


    I'm a bit tired, I've been making sure I take my meds so I don't have to deal with the consequences tomorrow. I feel like a crazy person when I have to explain why I take my medicine at a specific time. I at least woke up and knocked my demons on their butts for the day.

  • carter._.16


    I'm just anxious lately. I have a lot of family stuff that just keeps getting worse. And then I just feel overwhelmed by everyday things. How are you? (And you can say you're doing good!)

  • Zeppy


    I'm doing okay. A little overwhelmed with life and had terrible dreams last night. And I'm a little annoyed with my wife right now but it all just kind of is what it is and this too shall pass.

  • blu3m1lk


    Anxious. Tired of my derealization symptoms and executive dysfunction:')

  • Alpine


    My bf birthday is Monday & I'm hoping he really enjoys everything I got him & have planned. It's my first time celebrating a bf's birthday & I may have done too much but I love him & he has had a bit of a tough time lately. Hope all goes well.

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