Does anyone have a issue with compulsive counting

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • PumpkinBabe


    Yes!! I count how many times I touch the soap dispenser. I feel like I have to do it either 1-4-7 or 8 times. If I get to 8 and I still don't feel calm I'll start over. It's annoying.

  • Ory


    Not necessarily counting, but since I was a young child I have hated odd numbers. They literally give me shivers up my spine. Everything has to be even.

  • Dirtracinggirl


    I feel like the guy off the episode of frequents when the guy has to count everything 5 time otherwise someone is going to get hurt or something is going to happen to someone I care about

  • Cloud240


    Absolutely. For me, though, it’s an undetermined number of how high I need to count/check something. It’s like my brain randomly rolls a really big dice every time.

  • Echolonius


    i have a bad issue with compulsive counting, too. i count everything i do, and everything has to be done an even amount of times. if it takes 23 steps to go walk from, say, my bedroom to the porch, I'll take another step to get to 24. I see 8 as the best even number, so sometimes ill take another few steps to get to an 8 in the ones place. its not just steps, its literally everything i do. i hate it. but if i dont do it, something bad will happen and it will ruin my day until i fix it.

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