symptoms of my thyroiditis
fatigue, constipation, thinning hair and nails, hot/cold body, low temperature, sluggish gut, rosecea,
weight gain to name a few and I also believe I am insulin resistant because of it.


Chronic Constipation


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  • parched


    I know there are certain food that the Hashimotos antibody doesn't like and we don't digest those food well. It might help with sluggish feeling, constipation. Go on line and see the list of you haven't already done so. It also prevents thyroid storms I've never found a way to control thinking hair, weak brittle nails, dry skin Lots of moisturizers. When I could afford it I had a clear gel coat applied to my nails, it kept them from breaking, I felt better that they looked better. Always have a problem with being cold, that never went away for me. I was diagnosed in 1971 before Dr's knew what Hashimotos was.

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