I’m currently in the process of being diagnosed w an autoimmune disorder. As of now they have landed on psoriatic arthritis, but that is subject to change. How was the process of landing a true Diagnosis, about how long did it take, and how did you manage your symptoms until you got your true diagnosis and treatment?

Diffuse connective tissue disease

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    For me a true dx took about two years from the start of the dx process. My onset of symptoms had started eight years prior to the diagnosis process though. My symptom management involves lots of rest and fluids and joint braces (hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and many complications). There's no treatment for hEDS so I'm still doing that sort of symptom management thing. I'm also in the process of being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (we think) and this time around it's taken five years since symptom onset to the current situation of referrals to specialists.

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