Hey! I just want to recommend the hell out of Strattera.
This is my third time I think, being on this medication, I’ve been on basically everything. I was medicated until I was 19 with short breaks in between, but I never really could remember how my life was before medication. I was off medication from the time I was 19 until now (23). And I just recently decided to try again, as I’ve been struggling with ADHD paralysis and just not wanting to try at life anymore. And wow, I took my pill the night I got it and when I woke up, my mind was quiet for once. Only problem is that I’m stuck on 40mg for one more month. The effect isn’t as strong as before. But I’m getting on 60mg as soon as I go to my follow up lol.
If you’re looking for a non stimulant, definitely ask about Strattera


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