anyone have any tips how to survive a high school graduation? because mine is later today and I'm so nervous

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  • fauness


    Deep breaths. You got this. Congratulations that's a big achievement

    • unicornbunny


      thank you 😊

  • wise


    congrats! I'll tell you right now you'll probably dissociate at least a little and you will not remember your graduation at all 😂 I don't remember a single second of my graduation, my memory starts in a cracker barrel eating a giant salad at lunch with my dad

  • Chels93


    Congrats and if I was able to do it 11 years ago with a seizure disorder. I believe you will get through it to. My school wasn't gonna make me get up there with everyone with dozens of people filling a theater if I felt I couldn't handle it. But I knew I needed to be with my class and not off on the side scared.

  • Auders


    Congratulations! I would try tea, sometimes something like tension tamer or valerian tea(it does make you tired though) could help calm/numb the anxiety, I hope it goes well! ❤️

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