anyone else a high functioning schizophrenic? i have many daily symptoms I deal with but am very good at managing them but I feel like I'm in a weird spot where I should be able to be more productive but sometimes I just can't do things becuase of my symptoms


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  • Newtus


    Hi! ✋ I am. I am in the same place right now, as well.

  • Ahndi


    Literally same! It's annoying and everyone expects so much of you, and because of it you feel like a failure when you're not functioning super well because your symptoms are worse. I've just kind of learned to accept that sometimes I can't do well, but I also remind myself that no one is doing great 100% of the time. So if I don't care for myself before others and give myself time to recuperate, I want function well regardless. It's a really crap, delicate balance. Just give yourself some wiggle room and be kind to yourself. Accept that you can't do it all, all of the time, and thats ok.

    • Kermit143


      thank you, this is a good reminder

  • Kermit143


    This kinda sounds a little similar to anyone dealing with high functioning chronic illness and productivity, you can do a lot but you feel bad for not being able to do more, but you feel bad because people dont understand your issue. I guess at a high enough level of functioning, schizophrenia is a bit of an invisible disability where people feel like they can dump more work on you like no big deal without knowing what you're going through.. and sometimes if you feel good enough, it feels good to take on more work, but they give you more work and you tire yourself and stress yourself out... wish i didnt have to work as hard just to take care of myself.. but i guess thats the world we live in

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